Series D, 62\"-74\" wide, Removable

Series D, 62"-74" wide, Removable
[203 D 62-74]

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Keep thieves out with this easy-to-install security bar. Made of 14 gauge steel with the added protection of saw-resistant roll bars, this model is suitable for infrequent or temporary applications, like cottage windows or store fronts. Install these window bars when you’re away or the store is closed and remove them when you’re in and they’re not required (See Safety Concerns).

This model expands horizontally to fit window widths from 62-74" wide

The series 'D' model will protect window heights from 21"–33" high

The adjustable width and Universal Mounting System ensure a perfect fit, even if your window is out of square.

Secure with padlocks (not included).

This model can be mounted/installed horizontally or vertically

Mounts inside the window frame or on the trim

Tamper-resistant mounting hardware included

Durable white powder coating

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