BD40 - Door Security Grille - 36\" High

BD40 - Door Security Grille - 36" High

USD $54.50

Date Added: Sunday 12 July, 2015

by Lucy Sarmento

I bought the Door security Grill and I was finally getting ready to install it this weekend. I viewed the installation video to make sure I did everything correctly. Well guess what, one of the the bars where the loops are formed, separated from the darn frame at the welded spots!!..what a piece of Garbage! I bought it a month ago, so I don't know if the store will accept the return. What ever you folks do, don't listen to the video when it states that you can bend the bracket to clear a door knob. I am a woman and the bar didn't even hold up for me, and I didn't use much force! Now I am stuck with a fifty four dollar loss and a useless broken grill...IF the welded Spots aren't strong at all!
And how is it supposed to keep out out intruders? :(

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